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Payment and Shipping


Shipment only after receipt of payment.

Please note: Due to PayPal terms and conditions we can only accept PayPal with registered insured shipping

Payment within 7 days after purchase or the end of auction!

Unfortunately not all payments are due on time - after 7 days we will send a reminder to all
non paying buyers - after 4 more days we will assume the item will not be payed and undo the sell without further notice.

Please, if there is any delay in payment, report it on time to us and we will find a solution. 
If we don't hear anything we'll have to follow the procedure above.

You will receive a Nscale-sale invoice within 24 hours after purchase or the end of auction containing the totall amount including postage, adress and Banking data.

When you make payments please provide us with the Nscale-sale invoicenumber, if you want to combine postage add this as well (reserve).

As soon as your payment arrives we will confirm this by mail and send your items within 24 hours or 
the next working-day.


We send worldwide!

Postage Rates.

Inside Europe E.U. 

Purchases above 125,00 EURO will be shipped FREE of charge by non-registered mail within the E.U. 
For the remaining the following costs will be charged:

Envelop up to 100 gr.€ 9,95
Envelop from 100 - 250 gr.€ 10,95
Standard (non-registered) parcel up to 2000 gr.€ 12,50

Recommended: Registered and Insured
Insured priority mail.€ 18,50
(for purchases above 125,00 euro only 8,50 euro)

EU-rates apply to: 
Belgium, Denmark (excl. Faeroer Islands and Greenland), Germany, England, France (incl. Corsica and Monaco), Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican City) Luxemburg, Austria, Spain (incl. Balearen, excl. Canary Islands), United Kingdom (excl. Gibraltar and the Channel Islands) and Sweden.

All other EU-countrys will be rated adjusted by PostNL

Outside Europe (E.U.) Worldwide  

Purchases above 200,00 EURO will be shipped FREE of charge by non-registred mail
For the remaining the following costs will be charged:

Envelop up to 100 gr.€  6,25
Envelop from 100 - 250 gr.€  8,50
Standard (non-registered) parcel up to 2000 gr.€ 19.50

Recommended: Registered and Insured
Insured prioriry mail.€ 32,00
(for purchases above 200,00 euro only 12,00 euro)

If you want any other kind of shipment or in case of parcels above 2000 gr. please contact us in front!


All postage/shipping done by Nscale-sale - excluding insured ore EPS/WPS registered postage - are under full responsibility off the buyer.

Nscale -sale is not responsible for any damage or lost due to postage/shipping unless the postage is registered and insured

Returned parcels due to falls or incomplete adress will only be send again when the costs of this renewed postage/shipping are received by Nscale-sale.

Combined shipment or reduction on shipmentcosts:

For combined shipment with still active auctions the first item should be payed within 7 days 
including shipmentcosts, please add "reserve" to the payment.
When you buy mutiple items, you only have to pay one time postagecosts previding we can combine your items in to one parcel.

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